Marketplace for Wednesday, November 1, 2010

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Marketplace for Wednesday, November 1, 2010

White House reverses decision on off-shore drilling

The White House announced that it'll ban new drilling in the mid- and southern Atlantic coast and the west coast of Florida. Marketplace's Sarah Gardener reports.
Posted In: Environment, Oil

Federal Trade Commission pushing for Do Not Track system

The Federal Trade Commission today released a report on online privacy -- and it wasn't good. The chairman said industry self-regulation is not working, and that a Do Not Track system is necessary in this age. Steve Henn talks the details with Tess Vigeland.
Posted In: Internet

Unemployment funding necessary to economy, say economists

As of today, the government is no longer supplying money for unemployment benefits. Not only will this affect the millions of long-term unemployed, but the rest of the economy too, say economists. Mitchell Hartman reports.
Posted In: Jobs

Fed names banks that got bailed out

In a major reveal today, the Federal Reserve -- thanks to the Dodd-Frank Act -- released the names and numbers related to the bank bailout. David Gura reports on what comes next.
Posted In: Banks

Letters: Taxing the rich, Amy Sedaris

Tess Vigeland reads your responses to our stories on how retailers track in-store behavior, David Frum on the rich and taxes, the rich-poor gap and Amy Sedaris and crafting.

REICH: Federal deficit shouldn't be the focus now

Marketplace commentator Robert Reich says the federal deficit should take the back seat, at least for now.

Placing bets on clean energy

Some states and energy companies are taking it upon themselves to transition into clean energy. Marketplace's Scott Tong looks into the potential risks and benefits for the preemptive thinking.
Posted In: Environment

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