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The hoodie has gone from just being an article of clothing to a statement. We look at the evolution of the hoodie. The Postal Service will abandon a plan to close up to 3,600 post offices in response to an outcry by customers. Author Daniel Gross says the U.S. says that pessimism about the U.S. economy is unfounded, and that the rise of China and the developing world doesn't harm the U.S., but helps us. Commentator Robert Samuelson argues that it's not the rich who control Washington. And reporter Amy Scott begins a two-part series on poverty and education.

It's never too early for a good start in education

Kids who are well-prepared for kindergarten have a better shot at making it all the way through high school. But in poor neighborhoods, there are lots of obstacles. One Cincinnati program is fighting to remove them.
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Major pain-advocacy group dissolves

The American Pain Foundation abruptly closes its doors on the heels of a government investigation into the epidemic of painkiller abuse.
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Postal Service cancels rural closings

Bowing to pressure from unhappy customers and members of Congress, the U.S. Postal service will not close some 3,600 rural post offices.
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The rich don't control Washington

Commentator Robert Samuelson says that contrary to popular wisdom, it's actually the poor and the middle-class who control the government.
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The U.S. is better, stronger, faster than we think

Author Daniel Gross says that pessimism about the U.S. economy is unfounded. The rise of China and the developing world doesn't harm the U.S., but helps us.
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What's in a hoodie?

The hooded sweatshirt has become a charged symbol, depending on who wears it and where.
Posted In: Wealth and Poverty, Mark Zuckerberg, Trayvon Martin

Foursquare checks in on discount deals

Foursquare has attracted 20 million users to its social network. To make money, it plans to go the Groupon route, but with personalized deals.
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Gay rights got two wins today

President Obama came out in favor of gay marriage today, and the executive director of the Family Equality Council rung the New York Stock Exchange's closing bell.
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Manufacturing jobs rebound in Midwest

America added 3.1 percent more jobs in manufacturing over the last two years, with the Midwest leading the way.
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