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Alibaba filed its IPO yesterday. But it hasn’t chosen an exchange yet, and the competition between the hot favorites, NYSE and the NASDAQ, will likely be intense.We report on how much money an exchange makes from a big listing like Alibaba. Plus, Stanford University is the first major university to divest itself of carbon-producing fossil-fuel investments – but only coal. Can coal producers be isolated when coal still generates nearly 40 percent of U.S. electricity and is integral to many other industries? Then, Coca-Cola has quickly abandoned an ad campaign whose tagline was “You’re on Diet Coke,” after people on social media took some shots at it. 
Stanford University

Stanford will divest stakes in coal. Will it matter?

Stanford becomes the first major university to eliminate fossil-fuel investments in its endowment -- but only coal.

Stock exchanges want Alibaba, bad

How can exchanges profit from big listings like Alibaba, financially or otherwise?
A man smokes marijuana

Legalized pot use vs. employer drug testing

A court case in Colorado challenges the rights of employers to test their workers for legal pot use.
Posted In: marijuana, human resources, employee monitoring, drug testing

NBC buys Olympics rights for Alibaba's treasure

Comcast will pay a reported $7.65 billion.
Posted In: Olympics, NBC, Comcast, alibaba

A comic book pioneer adjusts to the digital age

Live events and digital media as ways for comic book stores to survive.
Posted In: comics, comic books, graphic novels
Boy in South Africa

South Africans disappointed by growing inequality

A tale of two economies living in the same country.
Posted In: South Africa, elections, apartheid
Philidelphia 1

Broken windows, busted real estate market

Philadelphia is cracking down on dilapidated buildings, because it pays to.
Posted In: abandoned homes, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania, urban planning

Keep your eyes on the ball: The NFL draft starts

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