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Blackberry's Research in Motion isn't as successful as it used to be, but it could try to resurrect itself through what it became known for: software and security. The Carlyle Group has a new website, trying to show its kinder, gentler side. The bison is the one thing getting bipartisan support this year. Research shows that using words like "fracking" could be what's keeping many from supporting drilling. And Stephen Dubner talks about the hidden side of more athletes choosing to sport eyewear.

What's the 'fracking' problem? May be its name

A new survey suggests “fracking” terminology may need an image overhaul.
Posted In: fracking, natural gas, drilling

How to avoid the 'fiscal cliff'

Commentator Robert Reich says lawmakers need to apply the brakes on automatic spending cuts and tax increases set to go into effect at the end of the year or the U.S. may face a new recession.
Posted In: Fiscal policy, Bush tax cuts, federal budget, spending

Blackberry maker RIM could leverage cybersecurity

After a warning on earnings, could Research in Motion turn to a cybersecurity focus to shore up its business?
Posted In: Blackberry, Research in Motion

Bison may be named the national mammal

The burly buffalo has bipartisan Congressional backing to become our national mammal.
Posted In: bison

Government debt costs soar in Spain, slump in U.S.

Spain now pays more than 6.6 percent on its 10-year bonds. The U.S. pays just over 1.6 percent. Eurozone debt, however, may yet hurt both sides of the Atlantic.
Posted In: bonds, italy, Europe debt crisis

Why more athletes are choosing to sport eyewear

It turns out NBA players like LeBron James don't actually need the eyeglasses to see.
Posted In: NBA, LeBron James

What's up, Europe? Brussels muddles through the crisis

The big story in Brussels, as it has been for the last two years, is the eurozone crisis. So is any progress being made?
Posted In: Belgium, Brussels, Europe debt crisis, Whats up Europe

Italian tabloids follow Mark Zuckerberg to ATM

The Facebook founder is currently honeymooning there with his wife, and can't escape the press.
Posted In: Mark Zuckerberg

A kinder, gentler Carlyle Group?

The private equity firm reaches out, especially to Montana environmentalists.
Posted In: Wealth and Poverty, environmentalists, sustainability, montana, elections

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