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How much data are you leaking? Lots of business are selling your data to others to help them all track you. How can you opt out? We find out. In the business of sports, golf and basketball and making rules changes, like raising the hoop to make it harder to dunk. What's the economic cost? Also, we take a trip to the tax-shelter island otherwise known as Manhattan to tell you about how some of Apple's untaxable billions aren't actually overseas.

How to pronounce 'GIF'

Confirmed by the inventor himself.
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The grittier side of Cannes -- Marché du Film

Beneath Cannes, far less prestigious films are bought and sold at a different conference.
Posted In: film industry, Cannes, film distribution, independent films

Proposal to allow English in French universities irks some

France's government wants to allow English to be used more in French universities. This would attract more foreign students and give French students more opportunities overseas. Purists, however, see the move as another assault on the French language.
Posted In: France, foreign language

Welcome to the tax shelter island known as ... Manhattan

Not all of Apple's untaxable billions are overseas. Some are held right here in the U.S., protected because the accounts are foreign owned. Welcome to the tax-shelter island otherwise known as Manhattan.
Posted In: tax shelter, corporate tax, apple, manhattan

How hard is it to opt out of third party data collection?

A lot of businesses are buying so-called third party data to add to what they’re already collecting on you. Of course, they all say, “you can always opt out.”
Posted In: data, privacy, opt out

A new business owner in Moore, Okla., starts piecing life back together

Gaydawn Magee's hearing aid business was leveled by the Moore tornado. But after a quick trip west, she'll be back.
Posted In: oklahoma, tornado, natural disasters

Banning belly putts and big hits

Golf plans to disallow anchored putts, and the NFL is tinkering with ways to keep football players safer. How do you change the rules in sports without hurting popularity and profits?
Posted In: Sports

The safety payoff of the big business of gun training

As more people buy guns for self-defense, gun training courses grow.
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