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An insurance company’s suit against Chicago’s wastewater management system may be a harbinger of insurers forcing institutions and businesses to consider the effects of climate change. Plus, President Obama speaks today about the “need a 21st century transportation infrastructure” today, near New York’s Tappan Zee Bridge. Earlier this year, the transportation secretary did a Midwestern tour to tout infrastructure needs. It’s clear infrastructure is a political crutch these days, but that masks just how bad the nation’s infrastructure problems are. Also, we seem to be having a privilege moment. An essay on “check your privilege” written by a Princeton student has grabbed the national attention, to the point where the Kennedy School of Government will mandate first year students take a class on power and privilege. What’s going on?
Spiegel catalogs still come to your door.

Why retailers still bother to print catalogs

Thought online retail would've killed off catalogs by now? Not so fast.
Posted In: catalogs, online retail

Why 'infrastructure' may be the new political buzzword

There's enough to make you wonder if it's the new "addicted to foreign oil".
Posted In: President Obama, infrastructure

One piece of healthcare jargon worth knowing

There are more than 600 ACOs up and running across the country.
Posted In: ACOs, ACA
Flooding in Chicago, April 2013

Who will pay for climate change? Not us, insurer says

One insurer sues Chicago, saying the city could have prevented flood damage from a predicted downpour.
Posted In: Chicago, flood insurance

How to survive the next economic collapse

Another total economic crash is all but inevitable. Here's what you can do.
Posted In: economic crash, humor

American technology, Chinese pollution

U.S. clean tech is finding big opportunities cleaning up China's environment.
Posted In: China, manufacturing, sustainability

Want a raise? Drop a warm puppy into your boss’s lap

New research suggests senses play a major role in decision making.
Posted In: decision making, workplace culture

Often dressed in cheese, it never goes out of style

Marketplace Datebook for Thursday, May 14, 2014
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