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A new SAT is being revealed today. We look at the substantive difference --  and how they'll play into the market, where the SAT is losing ground to the ACT. Next: The new head of Obama’s Economic Council has an unorthodox background – he’s not an economist, for a start. So what does this say about the any new direction and expectations for the job? And finally, after a honeymoon period of through-the-roof ratings, HBO’s Game Of Thrones is losing out in the ratings. So they're turning to rappers.

Why not seize Putin's assets?

The EU and U.S. are considering sanctions to punish Russia for its intervention in Ukraine.
Posted In: Vladimir Putin, ukraine, United Kingdom (U.K.)

Calcium: Not so good in high doses

Calcium is a fundamental building block in chemistry and in modern life.
Posted In: elements, calcium, bbc world service

Jeffrey Zients is not an economist

And the new National Economic Council boss is not a longtime political insider, either
Posted In: Jeffrey Zients, National Economic Council

HBO turns to rap to promote 'Game of Thrones'

Violence, money, power, gangs, sex... HBO put two and two together, and asked hip hop artists to write lyrics for Game of Thrones.
Posted In: Game of Thrones, HBO

Orchestra 2.0: Symphonies beat cable to a la carte

How a business built on sitting still and listening to old music is adapting to the new market.
Posted In: orchestra, Music

Quiz: How well do you know your SAT vocabulary?

A new test was announced today with big changes to the verbal section.
Posted In: SAT, college board

Nurse-led clinics: No doctors required

Some communities rely heavily on nurses to fill their healthcare needs.
Posted In: nurses, primary care, ACA

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