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A group of investors including Magic Johnson bid more than $2 billion for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Highway Bill expires on Saturday and if Congress doesn't act, construction projects will start to shut down. Commentator Todd Buchholz says the "Boomerang generation" doesn't take as much risk as it did in the old days -- and that's not good for the economy. And we hear how robots are taking over jobs in the supermarket.  

Rubber not meeting the road on highway bill

The highway bill is in a standoff in the House, threatening highway projects if an agreement can't be reached by this weekend.
Posted In: infrastructure, highways, Congress

'Boomerang Generation' hurts the economy

Commentator Todd Buchholz says young adults who return home to live with their parents are sapping the economy of needed vitality.
Posted In: youth, generation y, unemployed, Jobs

A 'Health Care Song'

What are the most important election issues you're thinking about this year? Singer-songwriter Brad Hoshaw gives his answers in verse.
Posted In: Music, health care, singer songwriter

Transatlantic cooperation on oil supplies discussed

France says it is discussing a joint release of strategic oil reserves onto the market with Britain and the U.S. The U.S. says no decision is made.
Posted In: strategic oil reserves

The L.A. Dodgers deal: What $2 billion gets you

The Los Angeles Dodgers break a record in the off-season.
Posted In: Sports, Dodgers, baseball

Robots and the hourglass economy

Technology is -- by some economists' accounts -- causing a hollowing out of middle income jobs.
Posted In: robots, technology, Jobs

Health care debate: Wrecking ball or remodeling?

The main question on day three of the Supreme Court health care hearings: Should the whole health care reform law be scrapped?
Posted In: health care reform law, Supreme Court

Libya heads toward unknown future

A year after the war that dislodged Muammar Gaddafi began, Libya finds itself in the political doldrums. North Africa expert Geoff Porter discusses the difference between chaos and anarchy in the Sahara.
Posted In: Libya

The Lorax has been stolen

The 300-pound, two-foot-tall bronze statue of the Dr. Seuss figure has disappeared.
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