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Today’s Supreme Court case on gay marriage focuses on the inheritance tax, which impacts only a fraction of Americans. But there are hundreds, if not thousands, of financial benefits for married couples, so we look at some that are below the radar and available to many Americans. Also, the Cyprus financial system remains frozen with banks planning to open, in limited fashion, tomorrow. One of the things that regulators are worried about is money launderers removing their capital from Cypriot banks. But where does that money go then? Whers are the places that money launderers store their cash?

China's urban refugees: Leaving pollution, city life behind

In the midst of a national urbanization campaign, more and more young urban professionals in China are quitting their jobs and starting over in the pollution and stress-free environment of rural mountainous Western China.
Posted In: China, air pollution, refugees

Call me a spammer? I'll attack the Internet

Why a site that rents space to just about anyone is attacking vulnerabilities in the basic architecture of the Internet.
Posted In: spam, hacking, hackers

A $100 million home run for Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium is in the midst of a $100 million remodel. Janet Marie Smith, the architect who designed it, took us on a tour less than a week before opening day.
Posted In: Dodgers, baseball, MLB, los angeles

Where will money launderers turn after Cyprus?

The recent crisis in Cyprus threw the spotlight on its reputation as a haven for money launderers. Now, some dodgy investors with money its banks have taken a hit. Where can they turn now to shelter their ill-gotten goods?
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I think the soup is worth $0.34, so that's what I'll pay

Panera Bread today expands its experiment in “pay what you want” pricing, allowing patrons in St. Louis to name their own price for a bowl of turkey chili.
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DOMA and the lesser-known benefits of gay marriage

Today’s Supreme Court case on gay marriage focuses on inheritance tax. But there are more than 1,000 financial programs and benefits for married couples.
Posted In: DOMA, gay marriage, gay

U.S. housing department plans 7-day shutdown due to sequester

The Department of Housing and Urban Development chooses total shutdown over furloughs.
Posted In: sequester, sequestration

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