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Mark Zuckerberg has been out shopping again: Facebook paid $2 billion for Oculus, a small virtual reality headset company. Random purchase or strategic move? And with its acquisition of WhatsApp and other companies earlier this year, is Facebook being a venture capitalist, or is there a long-term, coherent plan to future-proof itself with a stake in these areas of technology? Meanwhile, movie ticket sales are down but movie ticket receipts are up, thanks to inflation over the years and the higher prices for 3-D. We look at the business model of movie theaters and how ticket revenue fits in with the revenue from popcorn and candy bars. And, this is how the end arrives: The cessation of the slow drip-drip-drip of saline solution, because there is no saline solution. No jolting-back-to-life injection of nitroglycerin, because there is none. Why common everyday medical supplies can suddenly be hard to find.

The new business of lobbying

"Government affairs professionals," as lobbyists like to call themselves, say their job has changed.
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Is Facebook just a big venture capitalist?

With several high profile purchases in recent years, Facebook is operating more like a venture capitalist than a social media platform
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Let's give a hand to the X-ray

Marketplace Datebook for Thursday, March 27, 2014
Posted In: X-ray, Elvis

Movie theaters move beyond the ticket price

If theaters don't make money off admission, why do ticket prices seem so high?
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Are college football players employees?

An NLRB ruling that Northwestern football players are technically employees of the school.
Posted In: NCAA, Northwestern University

U.S. is running low on some basic medicines

Our advice to you? Stay healthy.
Posted In: shortages, saline

Syrian aid that hits home

As the conflict in Syria enters its fourth year, aid groups now work to "bring the conflict home."
Posted In: syria, refugees

Saving the history of the Cold War, piece by piece

Amid tensions over Russia, one museum dedicated to preserving artifacts from the Cold War sees an opportunity.
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