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President Obama today is meeting,  in the Situation Room, with a group of CEOs. The issue: cybersecurity. And now the public and private sector might work together to protect key infrastructure - analog and digital - from attack. But how much will it cost for the U.S. to prep for a cyber war. And would we go to war for GE or GM? Also on the show, what do you do when the wage you make doesn't even cover your rent?

Housing recovery: Good for would-be homeowners?

Commentator Robert Reich says the housing recovery is mostly benefiting investors, not home buyers.
Posted In: home ownership, Housing

Samsung Galaxy S4 may reorder the smartphone universe

On Thursday, Samsung will unveil its new Galaxy smartphone. What does it mean for Samsung, and of course, what does it say about Apple? Are people finally willing to defect?
Posted In: samsung, smartphone

High rents, low income

It’s becoming harder, especially in certain cities, for low-income people to find affordable rental housing.
Posted In: renting, minimum wage

Why a senator shouldn't eat spaghetti with the president, and 9 other tips

President Obama sat down for a meal with Republican leaders to talk about the budget. So what do you eat, when you're working while eating?
Posted In: etiquette, business

Can a company 'hack back' to retrieve stolen secrets?

Corporations and the U.S. government team up to go on the offense against hackers.
Posted In: hackers, hacking, cybersecurity

Chinese province offers 'clean air tourism' to suffering urbanites

China's southeastern province of Fujian enjoys some of China's cleanest air. Provincial officials have launched a 'clean air tourism' campaign to court Chinese who live in cities like Beijing, where pollution levels have been at record highs this year.
Posted In: tourism, China, clean air, smog

How online credits could change higher ed's business model

Legislation introduced in the California Senate today could require the state’s public colleges and universities to award credit for faculty-approved online courses taken by students unable to register for oversubscribed classes on campus. This could be a boon for businesses offering the classes and ultimately change the business model of higher education.
Posted In: online education, moocs, college, Education

Who pays the bill for a cyber war?

The Obama administration has identified its own global war on terrorism: cyber attacks. What are the spending implications of raising this alarm?
Posted In: cybersecurity, cyberterrorism, cyberwar

Is the new health insurance application form too long?

The AP got its hands on an application for benefits under the health care reform law. It's 15 pages long, and could take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes to fill out.
Posted In: health care

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