Marketplace for Wednesday March 12, 2014

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President Obama asks the Labor department to toughen up rules on overtime pay, especially for jobs like store managers and supervisors. We look at why wages haven’t really increased in the last 20 years, and what tools employers use to keep wages where they are. Also: Starbucks has now, in effect, put a tip jar in your smartphone by adding a tipping feature to its app. So many people and businesses are now soliciting tips that know when to tip is more confusing than ever. And we continue to learn new things about the business of fracking. The latest: fracking in North Dakota produces 27 tons a day of radioactive dirty socks – cloth devices used to filter fracking liquids coming out of the ground. And North Dakota doesn’t want them.

Caffeine: America's addictive drug of choice

Journalist Murray Carpenter goes inside the big business of caffeine in his new book, "Caffeinated: How our daily habit helps, hurts, and hooks us."
Posted In: caffeine, coffee

Tips for landing a new job inside your company

Internal candidates often have an advantage, but being an insider can sometimes prove a double-edged sword.
Posted In: job search

The final push for Affordable Care Act signups

If you want to buy health insurance on one of the exchanges this year, you have to do it by March 31.
Posted In: Affordable Care Act

Now you can buy solar power (of a sort) at Best Buy

The CEO of SolarCity talks about putting solar panels on more residential homes.
Posted In: solar panels, SolarCity, ceo

Don't tase me, drone

An intern gets tased as part of a product demonstration.

A 19th-century invention to keep your ears cozy

Marketplace Datebook for Thursday, March 13th
Posted In: ear muffs

Obama pushes for more overtime pay

Wages haven’t really increased in the last 20 years--a look at how and why companies are keeping wages low
Posted In: overtime, minimum wage

Fracking: 27 tons of dirty, radioactive socks per day

And they're full of NORMs. A glossary of oilfield vocabulary.
Posted In: fracking

Do you tip your barista?

Knowing when to tip is more confusing than ever. Starbucks' app has a solution.
Posted In: starbucks, tipping

Preparing for China's urban billion

If current trends hold, the number of people living in Chinese cities is expected to hit one billion within the next 15 years.
Posted In: China growth, Chinese economy, urbanization

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