Marketplace for Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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Marketplace for Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Charcoal use burns up Africa's forests

Many African businesses and homes use charcoal for heating and cooking. But producing the long-burning fuel could be warming the rest of the world. Gretchen Wilson reports.

FDIC's Sheila Bair on 'bad bank' plan

Talk about the Federal Reserve creating a "bad bank" to buy toxic assets from financial institutions has been floating around. Kai Ryssdal discusses with FDIC Chairwoman Sheila Bair how the plan would work.

Time to enact Employee Free Choice Act

Some say this is the wrong time to fight for workers' rights to unionize. But commentator Robert Reich argues the sooner the Employee Free Choice Act is enacted, the better it'll be for workers and the economy.
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Higher Tide comes in to 'value' market

Can't afford new clothes? Tide's newest detergent promises to keep the ones you've got looking brand new. Many premium brands are now launching similar "value campaigns." Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

Are investors going to buy bad assets?

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says he hopes private investors will help the government buy troubled assets from banks. But are investors on board? Steve Henn reports.

Banks return aid to cut federal strings

Some banks are wary of the regulatory strings attached to bailout funds, so they're lining up to give their money back to the government. Jeremy Hobson reports.

If the economy gets moving, he'll know

FedEx's performance is one of the indicators of the overall economy that even the Federal Reserve keeps an eye on. Fedex president and CEO Fred Smith talks about how it's handling the recession.

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