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General Motors is facing a pension crisis. To save themselves more than $20 billion in pension obligations, they're giving big buyouts to some retirees. A new study shows that having a trade certificate under your belt dramatically improves your salary. Compared to earlier this year, oil prices are way down -- so when will our wallets notice the difference? We hears from listeners about their thoughts on last week's View Park story and about what it means to be middle class. And Kai Ryssdal talks to Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz about how inequality harms our economy.

Watching the L.A. Kings make history

The Los Angeles Kings could win their first Stanley Cup hockey championship ever tonight. But fans will have to pay a premium to see it whether they watch from the pricey seats at the Staples Center, in a sports bar or at home on cable TV.
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Remembering Ray Bradbury

Author Ray Bradbury passed away at age 91. He was more than just a science fiction writer.
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GM's pension buyout sets corporate example

General Motors' move to cut pensions costs is likely to copied by other companies struggling with underfunded plans for retirees.
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Trade certificates help men more than women

A study says women earn certificates in lower-paid fields and are less likely to add a college degree.
Posted In: Wealth and Poverty, Education, college degree, unequal pay

What to expect from gas prices in the short term

Gas prices may be a bit of bright spot in a dark and stormy world economy.
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Economist Joseph Stiglitz on income inequality in the U.S.

The Nobel Prize for Economics winner talks about how he thinks income inequality is harming our economy.
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Letters: What the middle class means to you

Going over listeners' responses to our recent Wealth & Poverty stories on the 'black Beverly Hills' and the middle class.
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What's up, Europe? Italy looks forward

Italians are holding out hope that a meeting of European leaders on June 28 will prove to be a turning point in the euro crisis.
Posted In: italy, Europe debt crisis, Whats up Europe

Sheila Bair on new watchdog group, Systemic Risk Council

The former chairwoman of the FDIC talks about her new financial watchdog group, the Systemic Risk Council, and the state of the global financial industry.
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