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Sit Down In Flint
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Word is that the head of the Cleveland Clinic, Delos "Toby" Cosgrove, is on the short list to be the new boss of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA system has more in common with the renowned Cleveland Clinic than you might think, despite its recent problems. We look at some of the similarities between the two organizations. Plus, the protests and appeals of Walmart workers are a far cry from the labor movement that organized the country's major industries many decades ago. The reliance on protests and publicity just goes to show how limited labor organizers have become, and how difficult it is to organize low-wage industries whose workers can't afford to risk their jobs. We'll also take a look at a couple hearings on the hill including one heard this morning regarding student debt. Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill that would let students refinance their federal student loans. Why can't they do that now? And what would it mean if they could?  

The economic backdrop to Tian'anmen

The Tian’anmen Square protests were about more than just students and democracy.
Posted In: China, Tiananmen Square, protest, history

No more Roman numerals for the NFL

It'll be just plain "Super Bowl 50".
Posted In: NFL, Super Bowl, roman numerals

You can refinance a car, but not a student loan

A bill was introduced that allows students to re-finance their student loans.
Posted In: federal student loans, student debt, refinance

At Walmart labor protests, striking isn't the point

The Walmart protests are a far cry from labor movements that organized the country’s major industries.
Posted In: Walmart, strike, labor rights, low wages

Where all those digital cookies came from

How the online cookie went from friend to foe... and why we may be friends again.
Posted In: cookies, Internet

The UN says, "Raise your voice, not the sea level"

Marketplace Datebook for Thursday, June 5, 2014
Posted In: UN, World Environment Day

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