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Now that the DOMA has been ruled unconstitutional, legally married same-sex couples will be eligible for over 1,000 federal programs and benefits, including the Unlimited Marital Deduction. Plus, the financial and economic battle of same sex marriage has a long and expensive history.

President Obama begins African tour in Senegal

Will the president's stop in Senegal signal new business relationships with West Africa?
Posted In: Senegal, Africa, Barack Obama

Historic theaters reopening in small Georgia towns

In the age of multiplexes, hundreds of small American towns have historic theaters that sit empty. But one of the country's largest old-time theaters hopes to reverse that trend.
Posted In: Atlanta, movie theaters

VIDEO: Snoozin' like Snowden in a pod hotel

Edward Snowden's supposed location, Russia's Sheremetyevo airport, is one of a growing number of airports that offers capsule hotels.
Posted In: airports, Travel, capsule hotels

Billionaire rogue trader Marc Rich dies at 78

The man who revolutionized oil trading was infamously pardoned by President Bill Clinton.
Posted In: marc rich

Big Data developers nonplussed by Snowden

At a Big Data industry conference in London, many industry experts find Edward Snowden's information dump unsurprising.
Posted In: big data, Snowden, nsa, data

Is this search link an ad?

The FTC has told two dozen Internet search engines to make sure online consumers can tell the difference between advertising and the 'natural' results of an Internet search.
Posted In: search results, Google, Facebook, bing, ads

The businesses who supported gay marriage

Many corporations, from Marriott to Pfizer to Viacom, signed an amicus brief in opposition to DOMA.
Posted In: DOMA, Prop 8, gay marriage

Headed for your fish and chips: The lowly dogfish

Cod fishermen off Massachusetts catch few cod these days. Their allowed limits have been slashed because cod are fished out. What does take their hooks is dogfish -- lots of dogfish.
Posted In: fish, Massachusetts, dogfish, cod

Size matters when it comes to office desks

New research shows a link between where you sit, and how you act at the office.
Posted In: office

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