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The US economy shrank at an annual rate of 2.9 percent in the January-March quarter, according to the latest figures from the Commerce Department. Its estimates a month ago indicated the first-quarter contraction was just one percent. We explore the limited significance of the latest gloomy figures in the current climate of optimism. Also, turns out there may be a crack in the U.S. ban on oil exports, something producers in fracking regions are currently lobbying for. And the ultralight oil produced by fracking is what’s seeping through that crack. Fracked oil is so light that refineries aren’t set up to handle it, intensifying a surplus that already exists because of high production. We investigate.
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Do you remember life before the bar code?

Marketplace Datebook for Thursday, June 26, 2014.

$200 a month for TV in 2020

And other reasons we're cutting the cord.
Posted In: cable bill, Comcast, Time Warner Cable
Brooklyn Supermarket

GDP fell, and is rising again

The U.S. economy contracted 2.9 percent in the first quarter. Severe winter weather drove the decline. Spring has been much rosier for the economy.
Posted In: GDP
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Oil from fracking may end U.S. ban on exporting oil

Ultralight oil made by fracking is seeping through cracks in the U.S. ban on oil exports.
Posted In: crude oil, OPEC

The unheralded path to success: be invisible

Not everyone has to be an extroverted self-promoter to succeed
Posted In: marketing, promotion

After court verdict, what do I do with Aereo account?

Now that video streaming company Aereo has lost out to major broadcasters, what will its users do?
Posted In: Aereo, ABC vs. Aereo, Supreme Court, scotus, streaming tv

The record industry is a lot like Wall Street

Author Gareth Murphy says one day the record industry will face another crash
Posted In: music industry, record label

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