Marketplace for Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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California, Illinois sue Countrywide

Just as Bank of America was winning approval to take ownership of Countrywide, Illinois and California filed lawsuits against the mortgage lender for allowing borrowers to take on loans beyond their means. Jeff Tyler reports.
Posted In: Crime

Barriers to foreign adoption rise

Countries that were once mainstays for foreigners looking to adopt are starting to cut back on the practice, meaning heartbreak for prospective parents and hard times for adoption agencies. Jennifer Collins reports.

The game of wealth management

It's difficult talking to kids about managing an inheritance, but wealth management firm GenSpring aims to make an otherwise tough conversation into a game. Sean Cole reports.
Posted In: Savings

Medicare looks to the free market

Medicare is preparing to make medical supply companies compete against each other on prices. But as host Bob Moon learns from New York Times business columnist David Leonhardt, there may be a fight ahead.
Posted In: Health

Election ads go nationwide

Barack Obama's campaign is breaking new ground by negotiating with national TV networks to carry his campaign ads. Host Bob Moon talks with Ad Age's Ira Teinowitz about how the strategy might affect the election.

Mortgage crisis may be a blessing

The mortgage crisis was the last thing many American homeowners wanted, but commentator David Frum argues there may be a silver lining to the dark clouds hanging over the housing market.

In-car Internet draws safety concerns

Chrysler hopes to counter lagging car sales by offering wireless Internet connections in its 2009 models, a plan that's got safety advocates shaking their heads. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
Posted In: Auto

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