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Kevin McCarthy
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The House elects its new majority leader Thursday, and Kevin McCarthy is expected to win. He’d be the No. 2 person in the caucus, responsible for helping to set the agenda. But the leader has another role that might be even more important: raising money for the party and colleagues, something the recently deposed majority leader, Eric Cantor, was very good at. Plus, millions of recalls are issued every year, but only a fraction of car owners come in for the fix. Why? We look into possible problems on the dealer end, and possible problems on the consumer end. Also, the US Patent office has ruled the Washington Redskins’ name disparages Native Americans and says the team's federal trademarks for the name must be canceled. The team faces a massive potential loss of revenue if others ultimately use the name on tee-shirts and other merchandise. How will the team and the NFL be affected and how are they likely to react?

Why a lot of recalled cars and trucks never get fixed

Some owners think the dealer will soak them for other repairs.
Posted In: GM, car recalls
Washington Redskins

Yes, the Redskins can still sell Redskins gear

The Patent office ruled the Redskins’ federal trademarks must be canceled, but...
Posted In: Redskins, NFL, patents
Kevin McCarthy

What does the Majority Leader do? Brings in the cash

Job number #1 is to keep the majority. To do that, you need money. Lots of it.
Posted In: elections, Congress, campaign finance

Yo, $1 million. Yo.

Yo, new app. Yo, tech bubble.
Posted In: Yo, tech bubble

Forget your wallet, text messaging is the way to go.

Kenya's M-pesa's system has revolutionized how its citizens carry and use money
Posted In: Kenya, online banking, currency

How an Illinois company does businesses in Iraq

Kai Ryssdal talks to Jason Speer, President of Quality Float Works Inc.
Posted In: Iraq, foreign business
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

A time to be leisurly en route to your next engagement

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