Marketplace for Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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Airlines seek savings in rare metals

Rare metals are the latest tool being used to increase airplanes' fuel economy. Host Bob Moon talks with Financial Times reporter Javier Blas about how demand for these rare commodities has pushed prices sky high.
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White House eyes offshore oil

President Bush says the Senate should repeal the moratorium on offshore oil drilling to help bring down gas prices. Senate Democrats call the move a campaign ploy and not a long-term solution. John Dimsdale reports.
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Italy claims land back from the Mafia

People used to live in fear of organized crime in Sicily, but a new government crackdown on Mafia-run businesses has co-ops reaping the benefits. Megan Williams reports from Italy.

Stop enabling the speculators

Commentator Robert Reich says while speculation is driving commodity markets up, the blame rests with the government and regulators who haven't taken the proper steps to reign them in.

U.K. drivers share the load

To cope with high fuel prices, some European companies have begun sharing space on their trucks, sometimes with their fiercest rivals. Stephen Beard has the story.
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Economy's down, lipstick's up

Tough economic times have many seeing red -- and not just in their wallets. Jeremy Hobson reports on another economic indicator that's on a lot of people's lips.

Morgan Stanley adds to litany of losses

Morgan Stanley is the latest investment bank to report big earnings losses. Host Bob Moon asks Standard & Poor's Chief Economist David Wyss what its news means for the economy.
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Is DreamWorks going Bollywood?

DreamWorks may join forces with India's Reliance ADA Group. The merger would mean about $500 million in equity for Steven Spielberg's studio. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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