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Citigroup is close to reaching a $7 billion settlement with the Department of Justice over allegations that it sold shoddy mortgages. The J.P. Morgan Chase settlement back in November was $13 billion, which raises the question: How does the Justice department come up with sich a number? Plus, Alcoa, a mega producer of aluminum, is trying to go the route that other founding U.S. corporations have gone by getting out of the commodity business it was built on and moving into more specialized products with less competition and higher profit margins. Also, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says employers are advertising more jobs. But that doesn’t mean they’re actually doing the hiring for those positions. 

Keeping paperwork from blocking the road to college

How technology can help students handle what comes after the acceptance letter
Posted In: applying to college, mobile, education technology, News

What's in a settlement?

Citigroup is rumored to be close to a $7 billion settlement with the Justice Department. How does the DOJ set its fines?
Posted In: Citigroup, fraud, Department of Justice

Alcoa wants to be known for more than aluminum

Alcoa's bid to brand itself an "innovation powerhouse" recalls its roots.
Posted In: Alcoa, rebranding, aerospace

NCAA president advocates "scholarships for life"

Mark Emmert defended the NCAA model...while proposing some changes.

Golden Road bets big on craft beer

A trip to a fast growing brewery in Los Angeles, Golden Road Brewing.
Posted In: craft beer, local business, interview

How resorts ended up in those oval car decals

Decals originally to mark country-of-origin came to state resort-of-choice
Posted In: stickers, wealth, cars, summer vacation

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