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Former Barclays CEO Bob Diamond testified to British lawmakers today. Sarah Gardner talks to two American ex-pats in Europe about what they are seeing and hearing on the streets of their adopted homes. The FDA in U.S. has approved distribution for the first ever over-the-counter rapid HIV test. Is produce from the farmers market really what's best for our health and the environment? Hard cider sales have increased more than 20 percent nationwide, while beer sales have dropped.  And reporter Mitchell Hartman looks into what a songs need in order to become a summer hit.

Ex-Barclays CEO Bob Diamond testifies about LIBOR

Diamond testified before a committee of the British parliament today about charges Barclays manipulated a key interest rate called the LIBOR. The bank's already been fined over $450 million, but it could be just the beginning of the fallout.
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What's up, Europe? Ex-pats in the U.K.

For Americans abroad, this 4th of July is spent talking about Barclays and David Beckham -- all while knocking back a few at the pub.
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Locavorism is not good for you

Commentator Pierre Desrochers offers the contrarian view that buying food locally is good for your health and the environment.
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Hard cider makes a comeback

Even beermakers like Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors are ramping up hard cider production.
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FDA approves at-home HIV test

But some worry the cost could scare away people most at risk of infection.
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The 8% pension plan solution

Public pension funds are resorting to riskier investments in a bid to score returns high enough to give retirees their guaranteed payments.
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The curse of the skyscraper strikes again

Tomorrow, The Shard will officially open in London. It's the tallest building in Europe at over a thousand feet high. Meanwhile, Britain's economy isn't looking so good.
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What's behind a no. 1 summer hit

An up-tempo pop dance beat can't hurt, and neither can a star's viral video.
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These fireworks are brought to you by Bacardi

Thanks to corporate sponsors, Coral Gables, Fla., gets its fireworks show back after budget woes axed it six years ago.
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