Marketplace for Wednesday July 30, 2014

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Twitter announced it lost $144 million in the first quarter, but it also registered a 25 percent gain in users in the period. That’s a good first step. The second step will be working out how to make money off those users, and the third step will be actually turning a profit. It’s a simple three-step road to success. So simple that a bunch of pantie-pinching gnomes could understand it. And maybe even make it work. Also, the National Labor Relations Board says McDonald’s could be held ‘jointly liable’ for labor and wage violations made by its franchise owners. How does this business model work, and what impact will yesterday’s ruling have on McDonald’s and other companies like it? Also, movie studios are working on a deal to help out Kodak by contracting to buy large stocks of old-fashioned motion picture film. Does trying to prop up a dying industry ever work?  We’ll look at a few examples. 

Drones have a new celebrity spokesperson

Martha Stewart loves her little drone.
Posted In: drones, Martha Stewart

Film directors want to give Kodak another artsy moment

Directors want the option to shoot on film. But can they prop up that industry?
Posted In: film industry, kodak, movies
McDonald's violations

How the McDonald's ruling impacts the franchise industry

It's not yet clear how the NLRB's decision will affect other companies.
Posted In: McDonald's, liability, labor, franchises

Twitter is relying on the Underwear Gnomes Profit Plan

Twitter lost money, but gained users - part of their strategy.
Posted In: Twitter, business, south park

Time for 'You've got mail' to get on OKCupid?

The Atlantic's Megan Garber wants to see Meg Ryan and co. enter the 21st century.
Posted In: movies, romantic comedies, hollywood

Foxconn's newest product: a college degree

Foxconn has established an in-house university in efforts to retain workers.
Posted In: China, Foxconn, Chinese economy, apple, News

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