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Egypt's government is in turmoil, putting its economy at even further risk. Obamacare implementation is delayed, and employers may take advantage by exploring how to drop health care coverage. And why Freakonomics thinks McDonald's is a global economic indicator of hope.

Portugal's political crisis rooted in economics

Resignations by Portugal’s finance minister and foreign minister sent European markets tumbling.
Posted In: Portugal, European debt crisis

In China, a replica of Manhattan loses its luster

The port city of Tianjin has taken on billions of dollars of debt building a city that looks exactly like Manhattan. It hopes to become one of the financial centers of the world. But China's economy is slowing down, and developers and investors are pulling out of the project.
Posted In: China, Yujiapu

Freakonomics: Can the McDouble save humanity?

An argument for why the McDonald's burger is the "cheapest, most nutritious, and bountiful food that has ever existed in human history."
Posted In: McDonald's, big mac, Food

Fireproofing your home in the wilderness

Hundreds of homes have already been lost to wildfires this summer. There are ways to make these houses less likely to burn, but fire mitigation is a hard sell to homeowners.
Posted In: fire, wildfire, fireproof, home

Egypt's Suez Canal isn't oil industry prize

As Egypt grapples with political unrest, many economic analysts are worried about the price of oil. But Egypt's Suez Canal isn't as important as you'd think.
Posted In: Oil, Suez Canal, Arab Spring, morsi

Obamacare delay: Will employers drop health care?

Now that the Obama administration has delayed the health care madate, some analysts expect employers to consider dropping coverage for their workers.
Posted In: Obamacare, mandate, health care tax, repeal

Tesla asks: What's the point of car dealers?

Tesla wants to cut out the middleman and sell directly to consumers. But most states require car makers to sell through a dealer.
Posted In: tesla, Elon Musk, car dealers

Tracking my package: A whole new meaning

All police have to do is ask, and the post office will tell them what kind of mail you've been receiving.
Posted In: post office, U.S. Postal Service, surveillance

Twitter translating Egyptian tweets

Earlier this week, Twitter quietly launched a translation service.
Posted In: Egypt, Twitter, Tahrir Square

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