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Cancelled flights
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Fighting between Israel and Hamas has led some U.S. and European airlines to cancel flights to Israel on safety grounds. We explore how airlines decide when they should or should not fly to a given destination. Plus, Target Corp. opened its first ‘TargetExpress’ store in Dinkytown, Minneapolis today. At 20,000 square feet it’s even smaller than its ‘City  Target’ stores. This physical reduction reflects an expansion by the company into new markets, but why has this big box corporation decided to ‘go small’? Is this part of a larger trend by big box stores to make their mark on smaller communities? Plus, how will this move impact the company’s profit margin? We investigate. Also, corporate earnings continue to go up, up, up. But that doesn’t mean these cash-rich companies are going to give you a job. We explain why.

GM recall numbers keep going up, up, up

The automaker recalled another 700,000 vehicles today.
Posted In: General Motors, car recalls, auto industry

Target attracts new customers by downsizing

Target opened it's smallest store in Minneapolis. What's a Target if it's not big?
Posted In: Target, big box stores, corporations

Why high earnings aren't translating into jobs

Corporate earnings are up. But will these cash-rich companies give you a job?
Posted In: corporations, Earnings, hiring
Cancelled flights

How airlines decide where it's too dangerous to fly

Airlines have to weigh both safety and economic risks.
Posted In: flying, Malaysian Airlines, Israel, ukraine, Airlines

Women’s empowerment gets a corporate boost

Marketers are pushing female strength to capitalize on a national movement.
Posted In: advertising, feminism, women, viral marketing

5 numbers that matter to the 'House of Cards' creator

Beau Willimon spends almost no time with Netflix's legendary stockpiles of data.
Posted In: netflix, house of cards

‘Economic patriotism’: Rhetorical, not economic, policy

Politicians love to say it, but what does it actually mean?
Posted In: Barack Obama, politics, economic policy, Obama speech

Small Business remains hopeful during slow season

YellowWood Group CEO Olalah Njenga is hopeful about the future of her business
Posted In: hiring, Small Business, Unemployment

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