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Target is following other national chains in asking gun owners not to bring their guns shopping, including states where open-carry is legal. Target has been a target of both open-carry demonstrators in Texas, and anti-gun groups protesting people carrying rifles into Target stores, where 80 percent of the shoppers are women and children. We look at the cost to retailers following in Wyatt Earp’s footsteps. Plus, LAUSD is backing away from its iPad for every kid policy and is opening up its classrooms to several other devices made by Google, Microsoft, etc. With hundreds of millions of education-tech dollars being spent by school districts, what does LA’s move  mean for the competition to own the classroom, here and elsewhere. Also, Apple bought Beats, then Amazon added music to its Prime service, and now Google is buying the music streaming site Songza, which selects songs for users based on their activities and the time of day. It's been a busy few weeks for music streaming— already a crowded space. Why does everyone want to be in the music business? Or is it less about being in the music business and more about being in the everything business? We investigate.
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No electricity in Indonesia, but there's Facebook

Elizabeth Pisani talks about the modern changes in Indonesia's economy.
Posted In: Indonesia, Facebook, electricity, politics

Music streaming is the next frontier for Google

Why everyone wants to be in the music streaming business.
Posted In: music streaming, Google, apple, Beats, Amazon

Fighting the classroom tech war in Los Angeles

L.A.'s largest school district opens its doors to more than the iPad.
Posted In: LearningCurve On-Air, LearningCurve, apple, iPad, LAUSD
Open Carry Texas

Target asks shoppers to please leave guns at home

Companies are increasingly taking stands on a host of hot-potato issues.
Posted In: Target, guns, brands

What does the Fed chair worry about? Slack

Janet Yellen is concerned about the lack of jobs for un-and-underemployed workers.
Posted In: Federal Reserve, slack, employment

Meet the other undocumented immigrants

30-40 percent of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. entered the country legally.
Posted In: illegal immigration, visa, work visas, los angeles

Homeowners brace for another foreclosure wave

Interest rates cut in the housing crisis will start to rise again this year.
Posted In: foreclosures, home ownership, interest rates

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