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What's the price of snooping worth to the U.S. government? It can cost some serious money. Plus, how safe are your medical devices? Cybersecurity experts have found alarming vulnerabilities  among pacemakers and insulin pumps. In tech news, a judge ruled that Apple conspired to raise e-book prices. And Netflix's chief content officer discusses the changing face of TV. Also, a look at the lobbying behind immigration reform,  how an SEC rule change will allow hedge funds to raise money by advertising to the public, and an oil rigger on how the oil boom in North Dakota is changing global markets.

Even the NSA gets a Verizon bill with some surprise charges

The NSA may have been wiretapping cell phones, but they weren't getting that data for free.
Posted In: NSA leaks, Verizon, Google, FBI, online security

SEC lifts advertising ban on private investments: How it affects you

The Securities and Exchange Commission voted to lift a ban on publicly soliciting your investment dollars for companies not traded on the stock market.
Posted In: investment, SEC

Netflix's Ted Sarandos on finding the right content

Netflix has hit the ground running in developing original content for the site. We talk to the company's chief content officer about how they differ from TV, and what makes a good Netflix show.
Posted In: netflix, television, streaming

Thank you not very much for my address labels

Address labels: When a "free gift" fails to keep up with the times.
Posted In: mail

Have lobbyists spent too little on immigration reform?

It's crunch time for lobbyists pushing immigration reform. How much should lobbyists spend to get legislators on board?
Posted In: Immigration, lobbying

Your medical devices could be vulnerable to cyber threats

The Food and Drug Administration wants manufacturers to improve the cybersecurity of medical devices.
Posted In: Health, medical devices, cybersecurity

How much should e-books cost?

A judge has ruled that Apple conspired to set e-book prices. How much are consumers willing to spend on e-books?
Posted In: apple, ebooks

Working an oil rig will make a man of you

Tait Salzer moved to North Dakota to get in on the state's oil boom. He works an oil rig.
Posted In: Black Gold Boom, North Dakota, Oil

Drawing a comfort food can make you feel comforted

A study says simply drawing pictures of comfort food can make you feel better.
Posted In: drawing, Food

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