Marketplace for Wednesday, Jan, 9, 2008

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A good candidate connects the dots

If you're a voter who picks a candidate by lining up the various policy proposals and ticking them off in a list of pros and cons, commentator Robert Reich has a warning: Take a close look at how your candidate's ideas connect.

High-tech medicine or cash cow?

Intensive care units are the biggest money pits in most hospitals. Some medical facilities are turning to electronic ICUs, which save money through big economies of scale. But what are the real costs? Marianne Russ reports.
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Unions help Obama with Hispanic vote

Barack Obama may have come in second in New Hampshire's Democratic primary, but he received labor union endorsements this week that could strengthen his standing with Hispanic voters in other states. Dan Grech reports.
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Entrepreneurs unite!

Marketplace's Steve Tripoli has noticed an international trend -- entrepreneurs in developing economies calling for the rule of law to protect their business interests. He explains to Kai Ryssdal.
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Museum audio tours take new turns

Metropolitan Museum of Art Director Phillipe de Montebello, who announced he'll retire at year's end, was instrumental in the popularity of audio guides. And companies profited from their production. But now museums are taking their tours into their own hands. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Israel spares no expense for Bush visit

President Bush's nine-day trip to the Middle East is underway. He's in Israel and will visit the West Bank on Thursday. Daniel Estrin reports from Jerusalem that the stage has been dramatically set for the President's visit. And at no small cost.

Taxpayer advocate: Let's try 'I'm sorry'

The IRS's National Taxpayer Advocate is telling Congress that the tax service should be required to apologize when it's wrong and to offer a little something to compensate taxpayers for their troubles. John Dimsdale reports.
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How do you stimulate an economy?

Even though we may be a long way from the experts deciding when or if we're in a recession, Congress and the White House are working on economic stimulus plans. Doug Elmendorf of the Brookings Institution explains just how that might be done.
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