Marketplace for Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled that the state legislature is failing to fully fund public education. Cracks were found in a number of Airbus A380 wings. Commentator Robert Reich talks about the GOP's argument that President Obama is turning America into a "European-style welfare culture." Freakonomics Radio explores one unintended consequence of the economic downturn -- our waistlines. And Kai Ryssdal plays 'PAC Name Fever' with the Marketplace staff.

Social networks spawn online dating sites

Badoo has 137 million users. Tapping that dating network comes with a caveat: Your Facebook friends may learn you’re in the market.
Posted In: online dating, social networking, privacy

The GOP candidates largely agree on what ails the country

But commentator Robert Reich says they miss the cause.
Posted In: GOP, 2012 election

Colorado's battle over school funding

A district court has ruled that the state's public schools are so underfunded they can't meet the Colorado's own education standards. But the legal battle is just the beginning. A real solution may depend on taxpayers.
Posted In: Education

Play the Super PAC Name Game!

Is that a Super PAC or a Britney Spears movie? Marvel over this list of the most obscure Super PAC names and create your own with the Super PAC Name Generator from WNYC
Posted In: super PAC, elections

The unintended consequences of the recession

The decline in smoking among Americans may have contributed to rising obesity levels -- could the recession also be affecting people’s waistlines?
Posted In: smoking, cigarettes, weight

Let's play PAC Name Fever!

It's our first (and probably last) edition of PAC Name Fever, the super PAC name game where you decide whether they're real or fake.
Posted In: super PAC, elections

Airbus finds cracks in new A380

The airplane manufacturer plans for costly fix to the mega-jumbo jet.
Posted In: Airbus A380, airline industry

New foreclosure numbers sound good, but...

Foreclosures are down, but a legal settlement may change the outlook.
Posted In: Housing, foreclosure

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