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Corporations are urging the governor of Arizona to veto legislation that would allow businesspeople to refuse service to gays. The corporations say this could harm their ability to do business in the state. We look at how corporations could be affected, and how a state could be affected if it bucks corporations. Also: Credit Suisse is the subject of a Senate hearing today. The IRS says bankers at CS helped US citizens hide bank accounts, and thus dodge We report on how these tax dodgers got their dollars out of the US, and what will happen to them, now that they’ve been busted. Finally, Target says the security breach that hit its stores between Thanksgiving and Christmas cost the company $61 million. But the net loss is only $17 million, thanks to cyber insurance policies Target had to hedge its risk about this kind of threat. 

Britain's Cold War Veterans: Out in the cold?

Some British veterans ordered to witness nuclear explosions during the Cold War went on to develop serious health problems.
Posted In: veterans, Britain

The cost of those bills Congress doesn't pass

Only a fraction of the bills introduced in Congress each year actually become law. What's all that wheel spinning cost taxpayers?

715 new planets, no aliens in sight. Yet.

A veritable onslaught of new planets discovered by the Kepler telescope.
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What really happens in those Swiss banks

It reads more like a plot pitch for the next spy thriller than a Senate report.
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Jackie Ormes: The first female African American cartoonist

Jackie Ormes used cartoons to talk about the social and environmental issues that mattered to the black community. So why has she been forgotten?
Posted In: Jackie Ormes, comics, black history month

Rep. Dave Camp on his tax reform plan

Rep. Dave Camp of Michigan discusses his tax reform proposal.
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Ever get lost at the airport? Blame the signs

"Wayfinding": There's money to be made off of real, physical signage, even as it gives way to a digital future.
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Lucky for Target, the company had insurance

Target says the security breach cost the company $61 million. But the net loss is only $17 million, thanks to cyber insurance policies.
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Anti-gay law vetoed after pressure from business

Corporations had urged Arizona governor to veto the legislation.
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Chill out for National Chili Day

Marketplace Datebook for Thursday, February 27, 2014
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