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The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is cracking down on checking account overdraft fees charged by banks. President Obama has proposed a lower corporate tax rate and an end to dozens of loopholes that help U.S. companies move jobs and profits overseas. Reporter Adriene Hill catches up with the Class of 1986 from Ferris Bueller's high school. And Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner discusses the hidden side of trying to boost employee morale.

The return of manufacturing?

The GOP candidates and President Obama all have plans to boost manufacturing, but commentator Robert Reich says they're mostly wishful thinking.
Posted In: manufacturing, unions, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Barack Obama

Class of 1986, 'Bueller... Bueller?'

The year: 1986. The place: Glenbrook North High School. The people: real-life classmates of Ferris Bueller. So, how did their lives turn out?
Posted In: movies, Entertainment, Ferris Bueller, change

Consumer bureau investigates bank overdraft fees

The Consumer Financial Protection Agency will question banks about how overdraft fees may create serious economic hardship for consumers least able to afford it.
Posted In: overdraft, Banks, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Techies on the cutting edge... of bike commuting

Biking to work has become part of the culture for many tech companies.
Posted In: bike, bicycles, Google, foursquare, Tech

Arctic race for resources heats up

While a Canadian military leader calls for an increased Arctic presence, the U.S. still can't get more boats in the water.
Posted In: Arctic

Obama proposes lower corporate tax rates

Obama’s plan would cut the top corporate tax rate to 28 percent from 35 percent but close many loopholes that let companies pay far less today.
Posted In: corporate tax

The hidden side of keeping employee morale high

Freakonomics Radio takes a look at alternative indicators of office morale, and the unintended consequences when companies try to keep employees happy.
Posted In: employees, office behavior, morale

Ben and Jerry's now offering Greek yogurt

The ice cream company jumps in on the Greek yogurt craze.
Posted In: Food, ice cream, Ben and Jerry's

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