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New housing starts are down in January, but up year-to-year. We examine the mortgage factor – what role strict lending standards and rising rates have on buyers. Also, consumer debt is up, particularly among people with lower incomes and young adults. The economy depends on people borrowing and spending more, but this might not be a great sign -- we ask whether people are getting over-extended once again. Finally, Netflix seems to be slowing down. Why? Because the people who provide the pipes that Netflix streams through for free want Netflix to pay for that privilege. This flies in the face of net neutrality rulings, but the fact is that other big web firms do pay a premium for faster service.

The science of the selfie

Statistics on selfies taken worldwide.

Ukrainian unrest: Old tensions between E.U. and Russia

The U.S. and E.U. consider sanctions against Ukraine for its harsh response to protests.
Posted In: ukraine, European Union, sanctions

Who pays for my Netflix 'West Wing' binge?

The Internet service providers want Netflix to share the costs -- a question of net neutrality.
Posted In: netflix, Verizon

This won't make you feel better about the housing recovery

Why new housing starts are down in January – though up year-to-year.
Posted In: mortgage

Conference calls: The best and the worst

Artist Zach Scott has created an infinite ode to the conference call at
Posted In: conference calls, meeting, office

The good and bad of rising consumer debt

Consumer debt is up, particularly among young adults. Is this a good sign?
Posted In: debt, consumer behavior, young adults

A day for you and your pet

Marketplace Datebook for February 20, 2014
Posted In: pets, iguana, Kurt Cobain, Nirvana

Your 'loyal' employees? Always looking for the next job.

And they'll tell you that zero-loyalty cuts both ways. They know you may let them go at any time, too.
Posted In: workplace culture, job search

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