Marketplace for Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Marketplace for Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Letter: No flowers from Kai

In his final note on Valentine's Day, Kai Ryssdal told us he wasn't getting his wife any valentines, flowers, or any gifts -- just on principle. Listener Molly Bloom tells us how Kai's declaration affected her.

U.S. rallying Europe and others to aid Egypt

U.S. and its allies are quietly discussing an economic aid package to help Egypt make a stable transition to democracy. The idea is to create the conditions for private job creation.

Wholesale prices, housing starts rise

Rising wholesale prices raise fresh concerns over inflation. But factory output and housing figures suggest economic weakness will contain prices.
Posted In: Economy

More tablet wars for Apple and Google

The latest battle is over paid subscriptions for digital media, like newspapers and magazines. And just how much of the price Apple and Google will keep.

Russia's prescription for prosperity

American pharmaceutical companies want to build their sales in Russia. Russia is eager to let them so long as they build something else, too. Factories.
Posted In: Health, Russia

Middle East's unemployed face frustration

A complaint of protesters across the Middle East is widespread unemployment -- even among the young, motivated and well-educated. It's causing tensions from Jordan to Egypt.
Posted In: Education, Jobs

FRUM: Reading between the budget lines

President Obama introduced his budget plan this week. But the real story behind the numbers is what's not being said.

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