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Continuing our election coverage on The Real Economy, David Gura reports from Nebraska on how agricultural subsidies may change or disappear altogether as the country cuts spending and tightens budgets. Facebook finally files for its IPO. President Obama's plan to help struggling homeowners refinance their mortgages could affect more than the housing market. And Super Bowl Sunday -- and its entertaining ads -- are almost here. Kai Ryssdal talks to the creative director of the ad agency that worked on the Volkswagen Super Bowl ad for this year and last.

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New 2012 farm bill could end some crop subsidies

In Nebraska, where agriculture is booming right now, farmers say they aren't worried about possible changes or even if the decades-old direct subsidies disappear altogether. They just want the cuts in farm programs to be fair and equitable.
Posted In: Nebraska, farming, Agriculture, subsidy, crop

The problem with Obama's carrots and sticks plan

President Obama plans to build much of his election-year policy agenda around carrots and sticks. But commentator Amity Shlaes that plan could backfire.
Posted In: Barack Obama, Jobs

Obama plan to help homeowners spur housing recovery

President Obama announces a new program to help eliminate what he calls a stubborn drag on the economy.
Posted In: Housing, foreclosure, mortgage, refinance

The government's role in foreclosures

Should the U.S. government intervene to fix the foreclosure mess? Gallup reveals the results of its latest survey on American opinion.
Posted In: foreclosure, Housing

Facebook files its IPO

What's in store now that the social network is ready to go public?
Posted In: Facebook, IPO

Latest bankruptcy news: American Airlines, Kodak

The two struggling companies reveal more cuts.
Posted In: kodak, American Airlines, bankruptcy

When Facebook answers to Wall Street

The social media giant will be expected to boost its revenue every quarter. That means more ads, more eye balls, and more of our data to offer up to advertisers.
Posted In: Facebook, IPO

The force behind VW's Super Bowl ads

What's it like to create an ad for the Super Bowl? The ad agency Deutsch L.A. produced a memorable ad for Volkwagen. Chief creative officer Mark Hunter discusses the creative process behind what goes into making those million-dollar commercials.
Posted In: Super Bowl, Volkswagen, advertising

A look at 2012's Super Bowl ads

Mark Hunter, chief creative officer at Deutsch L.A., dissects Volkswagen's 2012 Super Bowl commercial, "The Dog Strikes Back."
Posted In: advertising, Super Bowl, Volkswagen

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