Marketplace for Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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NYC walk zones give business a leg up

The New Year's Eve celebration in New York City's Times Square will have a reconfigured streetscape. Earlier this year a section of Broadway became a pedestrian mall. Reporter Andrea Bernstein looked into how the change affected local businesses.
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In 2009 Main Street got the shaft

Commentator Robert Reich says this past year will be remembered as a time when Wall Street fat cats who caused the financial collapse got fatter, while the rest of America got the scraps.

If a tree falls in a forest, is it a crime?

Timber theft is on the rise, as are attempts by state governments to stop it. In Alabama some proposed regulations to protect the state's $15 billion timber industry are causing a dust-up. Tanya Ott reports.
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We're close to health insurance reform

Marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer talks with Kai Ryssdal about how far the health care debate has come in 2009 and how much further Congress has to go to approve reforms.
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U.S. OK'd to hike tariffs on China steel

The Commerce Department can raise tariffs on steel pipes imported from China, following a ruling by the International Trade Commission. But the ITC decision virtually guarantees more sniping between the two countries. Jeff Tyler reports.

Death tax isn't quite dead yet

If a rich person dies Thursday night, almost half of their wealth will go to the Internal Revenue Service. If they hang on till Friday, their heirs will be a lot richer. Maybe. Amy Scott reports.
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GMAC gets $3.8 billion to cover losses

The Treasury Department has decided to give auto-financing company GMAC another $3.8 billion bailout on top of the $12 billion it's already received. But the reason GMAC's in so much trouble doesn't have much to do with weak car sales. Jeremy Hobson reports.

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