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Iran threatens to close the Strait of Hormuz over new sanctions that could limit its oil and gas industry. Meanwhile, Poland wants to do business with China. Heidi Moore looks back on the year for the banking industry. U.S. states are cutting back smoking prevention programs. The city of Memphis, Tenn., continues on a slow recovery, while Texas is still dealing with the effects of a major drought. And commentator Robert Reich talks about what he thinks will be 2012's defining political issue.

2012's defining political issue

Bye-bye 2011. So what will we be talking about in 2012? Here's a hint: The federal government.
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2011 in review: The banking industry

From pesky hidden fees to the status of Dodd-Frank financial reform, from the impact of Europe's debt crisis to lending -- we look back at the year in banking.
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Memphis mayor on the city's recovery

In the summer of 2010, Memphis was filled with abandoned houses and other effects of the subprime crisis. A year and a half later, how's the city doing?
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Why Iran is pushing back on sanctions

As the European Union prepares to increase sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, the Islamic Republic has retaliated with a threat to close the Strait of Hormuz, a strategic waterway for oil exports.
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Poland sees China links as key to growth

Poland has prospered in recent years as many European nations fell into debt. It sees partnership with China as a key element in sustaining growth.
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The drought that keeps on taking

Poised to become the worst two-year drought on record, the Texas drought will be felt far into 2012.
Posted In: texas, drought, Agriculture

States snuff out smoking prevention programs

Faced with big budget gaps, state governments are taking money away from programs that help people quit smoking. Analysts say this will cost more in the long run.
Posted In: Health, cigarette, health care

Observations of Kim Jong-Il's funeral

The body of North Korea's Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il was driven through Pyongyang today -- in none other than a U.S.-made Lincoln Continental?
Posted In: Kim Jong-Il, North Korea

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