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Happy Holidays! Chances are you or someone you know bought something online this year. And, it makes sense, since you can buy everything from electronics to groceries with the click of a button. Many online retailers have policies that make it inexpensive to return what you don't like, but online buying returns are becoming so frequent, they're starting to eat into profits. There's another group of holiday spenders who aren't watching their pennies quite so closely. A look at how the other half spends Christmas Immigration reform has been in the news a lot this year, and unfortunately, that creates an opening for scam artists. They'll tell immigrants they can help them get green cards, even when they aren't eligible under current law. Many Syrians are leaving the war-torn country for Germany, but what's it like to start a new life in one  of the wealthiest countries in Europe?  

So much for express shipping

Some UPS customers are unhappy that their deliveries still haven't arrived.
Posted In: shipping, delay, UPS

A 'Weird Wednesday' Christmas for the economy

When Christmas falls on a Wednesday--as it does about every seven years--it can be complicated for employees and employers, and difficult for retailers.
Posted In: Christmas, Retail, Christmas shopping

Returns help retailers play for keeps

No retailers like returns. But they generate a lot of data, that retailers are starting to use to make purchases stick.
Posted In: shopping, returns, online retail

'The Prince of Risk' and financial thrillers

Marketplace host David Gura talks to author Christopher Reich about his novel Prince of Risk.
Posted In: espionage thrillers, fiction

Scam artists target hopeful immigrants

While the possibility of immigration reform raises hope for undocumented immigrants, it has also created a business for scammers who tell clients they can help them get green cards, when they really can’t.
Posted In: Immigration, scams, immigration reform

Leaving Syria's war zone to start a new life

Many Syrians are making new lives in Germany. The excitement and the reality of starting anew.
Posted In: syria, refugees, Immigration

Need a last-minute gift? How about $13,000 in chocolate?

Mansion owners can spend five figures on Christmas decorations and gifts, without asking, "How much?"
Posted In: holiday shopping, wealth gap

My first job: Working at the local mall

Michael Price, writer and co-executive producer of "The Simpsons," talks about his first job.
Posted In: My First Job, Jobs

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