Marketplace for Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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Marketplace for Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lessons learned from the rich

Do you ever wonder about how the rich got so... well, rich? Tess Vigeland speaks with former Ryan D'Agostino about the surprising findings in his book, "Rich Like Them," which features stories about how the wealthy made their money.

Christmas is near, we need more cheer

It's hard to celebrate during the season of giving when the economy is down in the dumps. But commentator David Frum says a little more of the holiday spirit might just be what we all want -- and need -- this Christmas.

Lego's building a big profit

While most retailers are experiencing a dismal holiday shopping season, Lego may see a record gain in U.S. sales this year. Mitchell Hartman explains why the construction toy company is building a profit.
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AIG buys assets it insures

In an odd move, the insurance company AIG used $16 billion of its taxpayer-funded loan to buy assets it insures. The move may help the company reduce its own risks. John Dimsdale reports.

The growing rush to refinance

Mortgage applications are up across the country, but that's mostly benefiting people who own a home and have decent credit. People are taking advantage of the historically low rates to refinance, though. As Bob Moon reports, it may be a good time for homeowners to think about refinancing.
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Madoff scam draws lots of lawsuits

Fallout from the Madoff scam continues as lawsuits are pouring in and piling up. Hedge fund managers who invested their clients' money with Madoff are being sued. Jeremy Hobson reports on the legal fallout surrounding the Madoff scandal.
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India's cheap car stirring up noise

When India's Tata Motors announced it was going to build the Nano -- the cheapest car in the world -- it was met with great fanfare. Now, Indians fear a wave of super-cheap cars could make the clogged streets even noisier. Rico Gagliano reports.

Fed's spending is risky business

It's been more than a year since the Fed started auctioning emergency loans. Since then, the Fed has lent out trillions of dollars to big businesses, relaxing standards for the collateral it accepts along the way. As Steve Henn reports, the Fed has taken on unprecedented risks.

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