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Which professions do Americans trust the most? Gallup's Frank Newport reveals his poll info in the latest Attitude Check. The payroll tax cut bill is still going through Congress. The governor of California wants to cut state aid to universities. There's a shake-up in leadership at Avon. U.S. troops are scheduled to withdraw from Iraq but what does that mean for Iraq's economy? We catch up on the latest in Europe, and why the continent still matters to the U.S. economy. And Kai talks to a man who built his own toaster.

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Why Europe matters

Polls show that Americans are not paying much attention to the debt crisis in Europe.
Posted In: Europe, bank, Wall Street, bank bailout

California schools get hit again

The state will take another $200 million from public universities in the state. What's left to cut?
Posted In: college tuition, universities, Education

U.S. troops quit Iraq, but large U.S. presence remains

About 15,000 people will stay on under State Department auspices, including more than 10,000 contractors. Oversight could be a challenge.
Posted In: Iraq, military

Chief Avon lady to be replaced

Longtime CEO Andrea Jung will step aside as Avon faces management and growth challenges. She will remain chairman of the cosmetics firm.
Posted In: avon, cosmetics, makeup

Oil companies bid for leases in Gulf of Mexico

BP was the high bidder in 11 of them.
Posted In: Oil

The Toaster Project: Building a toaster from scratch

Thomas Thwaites discusses how --and why -- he built a toaster from the bottom up.
Posted In: toaster, DIY

Attitude Check: Who do you trust?

What's the biggest threat to the future of America: big business, big government or big labor? Americans weigh in.
Posted In: big business, big government, survey, public opinion

Cameron surges in polls

Marketplace foreign editor John Buckley discusses how Cameron's rejection of Europe's plan has helped his party in the polls.
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, Angela Merkel, david cameron

Deadlines loom for Congress

The House and the Senate face a number of decisions before they can head off for the holidays. Is another government shutdown possible?
Posted In: Congress, payroll tax, Keystone pipeline, unemployment benefits

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