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Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke spoke about the fiscal cliff and QE4 today. As some prominent rich people are calling for the government to raise the estate tax as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations, we look at this history of this tax. A number of businesses are benefitting from the 'apocalypse economy.' States have until Friday to decide if they will operate their own health care exchanges or let the federal government do it. Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner talks about what economists like to give -- and get -- during the holidays. And micro-micro-brewing? It's actually called nano-brewing, and reporter Mark Garrison has the story of the explosion of super-small craft beers.

Bernanke says 'fiscal cliff' is a good name for a scary thing

Fed chairman Ben Bernanke said he's going to keep interest rates at or near zero as long as the unemployment rate is higher than 6.5 percent, and the inflation rate is 1.5 percent or less.
Posted In: Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve, fiscal cliff

The past, present and future of the estate tax

Some wealthy individuals say a higher estate tax is fair, but others are fighting against proposed changes.
Posted In: tax, estate tax, wealth gap, fiscal cliff

Making a buck off the end of the world

Some business people are definitely counting on the world not ending next week, with the end of the Mayan calendar. Have a commemorative beer!
Posted In: apocalypse

States must make health care decisions

The deadline for states to decide whether they'll run their own insurance exchanges is looming.
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Have a very Homo Economicus Christmas

What economists like to give (and get) as Christmas gifts. Spoiler alert: economists don’t think like the rest of us.
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Life after congress: Political headhunters

Not all lawmakers at the end of their term are ready for retirement. An executive recruiter talks about how these "former electeds" make their way into the private sector.
Posted In: headhunting, Congress

Nanobrewing: Craft beer's hot start-up trend

Breweries that make only a few kegs of beer at a time are growing, as demand opens doors for home brewers to turn their hobby into businesses
Posted In: craft beer, beer, brewery

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