Marketplace for Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2008

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Ugly economy trims beauty spending

Women probably aren't going to give up personal primping entirely. But they are taking a breather. And that has salons scrambling to adjust to beauty's new bottom line. Renita Jablonski reports.
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Michelle Obama's style closely watched

There is big buzz about who's going to dress Michelle Obama for the inauguration. To help figure out what that might mean for clothing retailers, Kai Ryssdal talked with Kate Betts, editor-in-chief of Time's Style & Design.
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Where's the bailout for human capital?

Bailouts continue as money pours in to fix our troubled financial markets. Commentator Robert Reich says that's great for now, but we need to keep our eye on the long-term ball.

U.K.'s prudent savers feel punished

Last month England's central bank dropped its interest rate to 3%, a 50-year low. Another half-point cut is expected Thursday to help hard-pressed borrowers. But that has hard-pressed savers upset. Stephen Beard reports.
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Doctors' drug-industry ties made public

The Cleveland Clinic has announced it's going to disclose its doctors' ties to the drug industry, upfront, on its website. Janet Babin reports.
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Economy's down, enlistments are up

The Pentagon is seeing some of its best recruiting figures in years as the economy heads south. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Goldman looks to online banking

A couple of months ago the Wall Street powerhouse decided the investment banking wasn't such a good idea anymore. So it turned itself into a full-service operation. Now it reportedly is considering becoming an Internet banking start-up. Bob Moon reports.
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Bucks don't stop at CEOs' $1 salaries

As Ford, General Motors and Chrysler go hat in hand to Congress asking for help, their CEOs now say they'll take just a dollar a year in salary if that'll make things better. But the bucks don't really stop there. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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UAW moves to help carmakers' cause

The United Auto Workers union has decided to make concessions to the Big Three carmaker in an effort to help them make their case to Congress for about $34 billion in loan guarantees and lines of credit. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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