Marketplace for Wednesday August 6, 2014

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Rebuilding Gaza after Israel’s attacks will cost billions. But that’s simply to restore Gaza to a prison refugee camp. What would it take to create a true Gaza economy? Plus, we look at the calculus a consumer facing company like Walgreens makes when it’s considering an inversion, particularly when it factors in the effects of adverse public pressure.

Tesla teases Reno with a Gigafactory

Tesla has started building, but the factory and jobs could still move.
Posted In: tesla, Nevada, cars

Why Walgreens stepped back from the inversion brink

One reason Walgreens chose not to move to the UK: it's a consumer-facing company.
Posted In: Walgreens, corporate inversion, consumer

Can a rebuilt Gaza build an economy?

Repairing the damage will cost billions. But Gaza still won't have an economy.
Posted In: Gaza Strip, Israel
Monkey selfie

It's all monkey business for Wikimedia

Wikipedia denies a photographer's request to delete a photo since a monkey took it
Posted In: copyright, photography, monkeys

The NCAA's top conferences break out

If approved, a new proposal will give the Big 5 conferences more autonomy.
Posted In: college athletics, NCAA, higher ed

Yelp's CEO on the end of the professional critic

Yelp turned ten this year, while posting a profit for the first time.
Posted In: Yelp, reviews, start-ups

Meet the woman behind Ikea's living wage calculator

Ikea will use an MIT project to set wages in its stores across the U.S.
Posted In: Ikea, minimum wage, living wage

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