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American Airlines
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Snapchat has been allocated an impressive valuation...which appears to bear little or no relation to the valuation it had when it was last valued several months ago. So what makes it worth what people think it's worth today? Plus, American Airlines announced this week that it would pull its fares from any websites run by Orbitz Worldwide. The reason? The companies couldn’t agree on new contract terms. It’s the second contract dispute between the two travel giants and comes at a time when, according to reports, upgraded websites are becoming more popular with consumers. How will American Airlines withdrawal affect Orbitz? And how does a business relationship like this work? Also, the Commerce Department is imposing tariffs on Mexican sugar, after U.S. growers complained the Mexico was dumping cut-rate sugar here. U.S. sugar is already highly protected and is more expensive than in other countries. How will these tariffs affect industrial-scale users of sugar like candy makers?

How to sell your private data - if you really want to

There are a bunch of new ways you can sell your own data for profit.
Posted In: big data, consumer data, data privacy

Survey says: People don't trust pollsters anymore

As the way we use our phones changes, pollsters get left behind.
Posted In: jobs numbers, Unemployment, polls

Suzuki recalls 19,000 cars because, spiders.

Spiders fuel Suzuki's 19,000 car recall.
Posted In: car recalls, insects, gas, Suzuki
American Airlines

American Airlines, Orbitz on the outs

How will the withdrawal affect Orbitz? And how does a relationship like this work?
Posted In: orbitz, American Airlines, Travel
Mexican sugar

US sugar policy leaves sour taste for candy makers

New tariffs are another policy win for U.S. growers, and prices will stay high.
Posted In: tariffs, Mexico, sugar

Is Snapchat really worth $10 billion?

We look at what makes Snapchat worth what people think it's worth today?
Posted In: Snapchat, values, startups

Nashville tries to boost civic pride with an investment fund

Having a single share is like buying stock in all of Nashville's public companies.
Posted In: Nashville, ETFs

A fracking story too good to be true

You know a technology's hot when stock market scammers make it part of their pitch.
Posted In: fracking, chimera, Securities and Exchange Commission

A personal shopper, via data and algorithms

Kai Ryssdal talks to Katrina Lake, founder and CEO of Stitch Fix.
Posted In: online shopping, consumer data, digital subscription

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