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A new study says that middle-class incomes have been shrinking over the past decade, so what's there left to be positive about? Mexico is facing a massive shortage of eggs, causing prices to more than double. Business correspondent Bob Moon discusses our current love-hate relationship with the American economy. In the latest installment of Freakonomics, Stephen Dubner looks at the hidden side of working from home. David Brancaccio continues our Payday series, exploring exactly how paychecks are calculated. And we hear about Rabun County, Ga., and how it's still dealing with the fame left over from the filming of "Deliverance" there.

Why we're paid what we're paid

What to know how your company figures out your salary? Depends if you are a "pork belly" or a "gourmet sausage"
Posted In: salary, income, pay

Mexico hit by egg shortage

Mexicans are the world’s largest consumers of eggs per capita but an outbreak of avian flu has hit the supply and sent prices soaring there.
Posted In: eggs, Mexico, Mexican food

Numbers still point to lukewarm economic recovery

Conflicted news from Federal Reserve reflects tentative relationship drags on between Americans and their money.
Posted In: Economy, recovery

A tough decade for the middle class

Pew Research Center says middle class family income and wealth have shrunk.
Posted In: economic mobility, middle class

Can working from home increase productivity?

Our Freakonomics expert Stephen Dubner says there is evidence that working from home is better for you.
Posted In: Work, home, employment, Health

40 years later, 'Deliverance' causes mixed feelings in Georgia

It's been 40 years since "Deliverance" was filmed in Rabun County, Ga. Tourism in the region has boomed in that time, but not everyone welcomes the attention.
Posted In: movies, Georgia, tourism

Park in Israel equipping donkeys with Wi-Fi routers

So now you can don biblical garb and ride an ancient animal while looking up your location on Wikipedia.
Posted In: Israel, donkey, wi-fi

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