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Four billion people in the world lack Internet access. Facebook and a group of tech giants have launched an initiative to sign more of them up for Internet access. The project -- and goal -- is philanthropic, yes. But could more Internet users mean more Facebook accounts? The White House is facing pressure to pay its unpaid interns, to allow more students from lower-income backgrounds to apply. But who are White House interns anway? 

France shrugs as the government promises jobs

France is emerging from recession, but struggling to reduce unemployment.
Posted In: France, Unemployment

How do I love work? Let me count the ways ...

Writer Victoria Chang uses poetry to deal with the frustrations of bosses, and coworkers and workplaces.
Posted In: poem, poetry, bosses, workplace, workplace culture

Uproar over unpaid internships hits White House

The White House is the latest employer to feel pressure over an unpaid internship program.
Posted In: white house, internships

My first job: A four-hour work day

A Marketplace listener tells us about the first -- and last -- day of work at her first paid job.
Posted In: My First Job

Hotels seek added revenue in service fees

Following the huge financial windfall of airline fees, hotels and resorts are now charging fees for things that used to be free.
Posted In: hotels, Travel, room service

Goldman's multi-million dollar computer trading mistake

A trading error on Goldman Sach's options desk shows mistakes still happen, despite all the computers.
Posted In: Goldman Sachs, Wall Street

Facebook: The business of philanthropy

Four billion people in the world don't have access to the Internet -- now Facebook, and other tech giants want to change that.
Posted In: philanthropy, Facebook

The mindset of incoming college freshman, born in '95

Incoming college freshmen were born in 1995, so don't date yourself by making stale pop culture references.
Posted In: Pop Culture

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