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Ice bucket challenge
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Retail sales fell last month to their weakest reading since January, according to figures out today from the Commerce Department. So why isn’t the American consumer spending? Plus, Amazon is launching its own version of the mobile credit card reader. Amazon Local Register is taking on established mobile payments apps such as Square and Paypal Here by offering a lower cost per swipe. We look at the battle for space in the growing sphere of mobile transactions. Also, the Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ has been a viral and financial success, reportedly raising at least $4 million  nationwide since the campaign launched on July 29. The numbers are impressive, so what has contributed to this success and how sustainable is this model for other campaigns and organizations?
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Shaking up earthquake warning systems

Earthquake early warnings: Rift forms in public, private efforts.
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People still use AOL. It's true.

AOL still has users. And they're getting a lot for their membership.
Posted In: aol, internet access, elderly
Credit card readers

Amazon's mobile card reader could be gold mine of data

Amazon Local Register will collect information about consumers' buying habits.
Posted In: Amazon, apps, Credit card
Ice bucket challenge

Yes, the #icebucketchallenge is raising money

The national ALS association says that social media campaign? It's working.
Posted In: ICE, Charity, nonprofits
Consumer spending

Why isn’t the American consumer spending?

Retail sales stalled last month. They're at their weakest reading since January.
Posted In: consumer spending, Retail, low wage

How the Ebola outbreak affects Nigerian small business

Nigeria confirmed at least 13 cases of the disease last week.
Posted In: Ebola, Nigeria, bbc

Sales tax holidays: A lot of hype for a little saving

They're bad for budgets, but Americans love our state sales tax holidays.
Posted In: sales tax, shopping, state budgets

What's behind no-interest medical credit

A bigger chunk of hospitals' money is coming from consumers, not insurers.
Posted In: health insurance, debt, medical debt

How a blog with no advertisements makes its money

Joy Cho of "Oh Joy!" relies on sponsored content, not ads.
Posted In: bloggers, advertising, sponsored content

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