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This summer's drought is affecting more than just farmers -- it's been drying up supplies for food banks across the nation too. Meanwhile, genetically modified crops are creating a headache for famers and the tires on their equipment. We visit a microbrewery in Oakland, Calif., to see how the decrease in lending to small businesses has affected them. Krissy Clark reports on people who pick up a second job to help pay the credit card bills in our "Money Matters" series. And Kai Ryssdal talks to two big winners today: a physicist who just won $3 million for his work in particle physics; and a poker player who will be reimbursed for playing a site that was declared a type of Ponzi scheme.

Why some people have cooled off of air conditioning

A look at the bigger societal implications of air conditioning and why some Americans are against it.
Posted In: air conditioner, air conditioning

From banker to janitor -- all in a day's work

To get herself out of debt, one banker had to take a very different kind of job.
Posted In: janitors, Bankers, Money Matters

Chrysler now rescues its savior: Fiat

Chrysler's sales surge and buoy Fiat, the company that rescued it. The reversal reflects the relative strength of the U.S. economy over Europe.
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, Chrysler, Fiat, Auto

Microeconomics through the eyes of a microbrewer

A brewer in Oakland says he'd love to expand, if he could only get a loan. His story illustrates a common complaint among small business owners.
Posted In: Small Business, lending, beer

Drought hits bread basket's food banks

Food banks across the plains are being hit with a triple whammy -- fewer donations from farmers, a decline in donations from the federal government and an uptick in demand.
Posted In: drought, food banks

Poker players expect big payout from online Ponzi scheme

Some online poker players are expecting a big payout soon, thanks to a multi-million dollar settlement between the Justice Department and two online poker companies. The companies were accused of running a Ponzi scheme.
Posted In: Tech, lawsuit, fraud, ponzi scheme, poker, online, payout

Physicist Alan Guth wins major $3 million science award

The Fundamental Physics Prize is brand new and recognizes "transformative advances in the field." One of the winners, Alan Guth, talks about the big win.
Posted In: jackpot, Science, prize, award, million, Tech, physics

Kevlar finds a new use: Protecting tractors from cornstalks

The stalks of genetically modified corn are tough, so tough that they're puncturing tractor tires. Farmers are fighting back.
Posted In: farms, GMOS, kevlar, technology

NYSE halts trading after strange volatility

It brought back memories of the flash crash a couple years ago.
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