Marketplace for Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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Yahoo announces its laying off 14 percent of its employees today -- the sixth major layoff in four years at the tech company. Burger King is planning on going public again. Commentator Robert Reich discusses whether large banks should be broken up. Despite an economic crisis and high unemployment, Spanish consumers are buying iPhones and iPads like mad. And in our Food for 9 Billion series, a look at Brazil's Zero Hunger program.

Yahoo's got an identity crisis

The 2,000 jobs Yahoo is shedding don't fit with the plans its CEO has for turning around the company.
Posted In: Yahoo, Jobs, Google, Facebook

Brazil delivers on hunger promise

The government made food a human right. Then it found that ending hunger takes a lot more than a declaration.
Posted In: brazil, Food, hunger, social services

Is it time to break up the banks?

Commentator Robert Reich says the continued specter of 'too big to fail' compels nothing less.
Posted In: Banks, too big to fail, Wall Street, Dodd-Frank law, bank reform

Panel recommends a second opinion on medical tests

A panel of doctors is recommending that physicians and patients think twice before performing several common medical tests.
Posted In: Health, doctor, medical care

Waitress sues over $12,000 tip

She claims it was a tip; police are keeping the money as part of a drug investigation.
Posted In: tips

Amid budget crisis, Spaniards still buy Apple

Spain is suffering the highest unemployment rate in Europe right now and is trying to shrink a major budget deficit. Still, Spanish consumers are buying up pricey Apple products -- and the company is taking notice.
Posted In: spain, apple

Burger King to go public -- again

Burger King has been bought and sold several times in the last decade. Now its private investors plan to take it public again.
Posted In: Burger King, fast food

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