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China is rejecting a World Bank report predicting it will pass America as the world’s biggest economy. The reason? The Chinese government believes having the #1 title could put it under pressure to make compromises it may not want to make on its currency, climate change and trade. Plus, the Fed, which has been operating with four governors instead of its usual seven, will be down to just three by the end of May if the increasingly cantankerous Senate doesn’t act on new nominations before then. We explain what it means for the Fed to be working without a full bench. Also, when buying a sports team requires a buyer with so much money it doesn’t matter to him, how do you actually figure out a price that reflects what the franchise is worth as a business as opposed to a status symbol?

When the best advice comes from the worst sources

A book about the inconsistencies between advice-givers and their own behaviors.
Posted In: advice, Oprah

Who wants to be bigger than the U.S.? Not China!

China is on track to be the world's biggest economy faster that economists thought.
Posted In: China

New York parents opt out of high stakes tests

It's the latest protest against testing connected to the Common Core curriculum.
Posted In: standardized tests, common core, New York
Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Clippers - Game Five

If Clippers are for sale, what's the franchise worth?

Clippers are suddenly hot, but what are they worth as a franchise?
Posted In: Clippers, Donald Sterling, NBA
Board Of Governors Of Federal Reserve System

The shrinking board of Fed governors

The Fed will be operating with only three governors by the end of May. We explain.
Posted In: Fed, Fed governors
Kareem Serageldin

Only one person has gone to jail for the financial crisis

Why the Department of Justice is toothless when it comes to prosecuting bankers.
Posted In: Department of Justice, ProPublica

Drought puts California rice in a sticky situation

California grows almost all medium grain rice in the U.S. And prices are up.
Posted In: California drought 2014, rice, commodities, farming

Bikes + Salad = I've got the month of May

Marketplace Datebook for Thursday, May 1, 2014
Posted In: Bike month, Salad month

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