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The Trouble Asset Relief Program, or TARP, is currently running a $60 billion loss, according to a report out today. The USDA has identified one case of Mad Cow disease in a California dairy cow, but the cattle industry is staying relatively calm. A university is offering full scholarships to students who successfully pitch business plans -- and are ready to give the school a 10 percent stake. There's now an SEC inquiry into Hollywood executives paying for movies to play in China. And despite corporate incentives and serving as a setting for HBO's "Game of Thrones," Northern Ireland hasn't escaped the economic stagnation borne out of conflict.

'The Troubles' still loom over Northern Ireland

Foreign companies have recently invested in Northern Ireland, but its economy needs more help.
Posted In: Belfast, Ireland

Cattle futures bounce back despite case of Mad Cow

The case of Mad Cow in California put a few South Korean retailers off of buying U.S. beef temporarily. But Canadian and Japanese importers haven't flinched.
Posted In: Agriculture, mad cow disease, cows, cattle

Walmart checking compliance with U.S. bribery law

Walmart named a former U.S. attorney earlier this year to check compliance with a U.S. bribery law. But is the U.S. law behind the times?
Posted In: Walmart, bribery, Law

It's the economy, stupid... right?

Commentator and economist Patrick Anderson puts that theory to the test.
Posted In: 2012 election, voting, Barack Obama

Clarkson University backs student entrepreneurs

With the cost of college climbing, a small private school offers students a way to get smart, and build a business -- tuition-free.
Posted In: college tuition, Entrepreneur, startup

Hotels urged to help fight sex trafficking

The Justice Department wants to crack down on human trafficking. One anti-sex trafficking group says hotels are a good place to start.
Posted In: sex trafficking, prostitution, hotels

Housing market finally shows signs of improvement

The latest economic forecast from federal policymakers indicates the worst may be over for the long depressed housing market. The question is how long will it take for things to return to normal.
Posted In: Housing

Small banks struggle to pay off TARP funds

The Troubled Asset Relief Program’s inspector general says bailout funds helped community banks, but many are struggling to raise fresh capital.
Posted In: Housing, TARP, small banks, Banks

America's most peaceful states

The Institute for Economics and Peace has released its annual index of the most peaceful states. The winner is no surprise, because it's won the last 10 times.
Posted In: maine

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